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Title Director
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Karla Miller was born in Germany but grew up raising horses outside of Portland, Oregon. She has a B.A. and Masters from PSU, as well as a principal endorsement through UM and WGU. She has taught upper elementary, STARBASE (STEM program), middle school science and social studies, and professional development from the building level through the national level. Karla is passionate about practical professional development, developing teams, authentic use of technology in the classroom, integration of literacy in content areas, and getting classes out of the classroom. She is an enthusiastic leader who is a podcast junkie and loves sharing the latest ed leadership idea or question. Karla enjoys spending time with her children (daughter, son and daughter-in-law), her two dogs, friends and family. Her hobbies include hiking, fly fishing, eating yummy food and traveling.

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Email: director@nwmtcoop.org
Ph: 406.752.3302
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